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Astrotheology: Pre-apocalyptic spirituality, synchromysticism, and UFOs

Pop Cult: Third millenium culture, life, and laughs


The Right Stuff
Some Interesting Facts About Apollo 11

Everybody thinks they know the whole story. Here are some odd things you might not have heard.

Evolve or die, Earthlings!The Magic of the Moon
The Occult Significance
of the Apollo Landings

Apollo and Roswell? Masonry on the Moon? The cosmic politics and symbolic meaning of the lunar missions.

Part 1: NASA and the Old Gods

Part 2: A Mason on the Moon

Part 3: Unclaimed Territory and the Alien Presence

The Eisenhower Briefing Document
A Majestic Cold War Gambit

The latest explanations for the Roswell Incident are real doozies.


Aliens in the Outlands
New Mexico and UFOs

Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, the sole witness to the Socorro Incident case, has died. But has it been solved at last?


Mars needs women...A Doorway on Mars?

There appears to be a doorway on the "D&M Pyramid", one of the most studied features.  

Destroyed evidenceA Cosmic Outrage?
NASA's Baffling Deliberate Self-Sabotage

Maybe someone in the Space Program does not want us to find evidence of life on Mars — or there's some really bad rover drivers at JPL.

Messengers from HeavenSpace Commander Jesus
Extraterrestrials, the Church, and the Fate of Humanity

Few institutions have as much to lose as the Catholic Church from first contact with aliens. Or have they been in contact already?

Part I: Extraterrestrial Demonology

Part II: Angels or Aliens?

Part III: Alien Apocalypse

Part IV: New Heaven, New Earth

We are not aloneDisclosure and
the End of History

Once the secrets of the UFOs are finally revealed, what then?

Science Fiction and the Alien Agenda

And how do sci-fi movies and TV fit into the process?

Popular Culture:

Power accessoriesMiddle-Earth = Oz?

There are some interesting parallels between The Wizard of Oz and The Lord of the Rings.

Did Tolkien steal the story?

Curse of the Assassins
The Roots of Islamic TerrorAn evil reborn

The history of the cult of the Assassins shows that the War on Terror will not be an easy win.

Part 1: The Prototype of Terror

Part 2: Assassins Among Us

The Fallen Priests Film Festival
Movies about Compromised Clerics

What's all this then?A list of nearly 300 films and TV shows with devil-dealing priests, erring evangelists, nasty nuns, bad bishops, and calculating cardinals.

Driving through a Swiss city one day, Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the British filmmaker famous for suspense and thriller movies, suddenly pointed out of the car window and said, "That is the most frightening sight I have ever seen." His companion was surprised to see nothing more alarming than a priest in conversation with a little boy, his hand on the child's shoulder. "Run, little boy," cried Hitchcock, leaning out of the car. "Run for your life!"

Part 1: Comedy

Part 2: Drama/Historical/Documentary

Part 3: Horror/Supernatural


The Passion and the Shroud
Film v. Relic

How does the Shroud of Turin match up with Mel Gibson's bloody epic? Is the Shroud really the burial cloth of Jesus? The mystery is even stranger than you may think.


Funny Money
It's all lines on paper
Fighting Inflation through Art

Doodling on Federal Reserve Notes — it's fun, it's free expression, it's probably illegal.



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