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Messengers from Heaven

Extraterrestrials, the Church, and the Fate of Humanity

Part III: Alien Apocalypse

The alien agenda may be calculated to manipulate human spirituality

Commander Jesus
of the Great White Brotherhood [1]

Someone once remarked that every flying saucer cult has a prominent place for Jesus in it somewhere. His challenge of “Who is it that men say that I am?” still has relevance even in the Space Age. It is natural, after all, for a new religion to appropriate the prophets of the old. It is also quite natural for each generation to reinterpret the figure of Christ in ways that make most sense to them at the time. Now that the “quest for the historical Jesus” has seemingly lost its way in the historical mire of first century sects and politics, perhaps it is time for a new interpretation. For a generation raised on Star Trek, maybe the next guise for Christ is as a starship captain.

But we must be careful. As there seem to be beneficent powers abroad in this violent universe, assuredly there are bound to be hostile powers as well. And there is disturbing evidence that some aliens might indeed attempt to use human religiosity for their own ends.

The housewife and the phoenix

The vision of the PhoenixAn alien and the “Great Bird,” composited and colored from Betty’s own drawings.

Betty Andreasson, a devoutly Christian artist and mother from northern Massachusetts, underwent a series of abduction experiences in the 1970s. At the high point of one of these, as recovered by hypnotic regression, her Grey-like abductors gave her a remarkable vision. It was of the Phoenix, a mythical bird that rises from its own ashes. This would have been instantly recognizable to an Alexandrian philosopher from fourth century Egypt, as a symbol of Christ, but meant absolutely nothing to a twentieth century New England housewife.

From the account we are given, it seems to me that the aliens did not realize this and fumbled a bit for the right answers afterward:

...Then, seemingly from somewhere to her right (the entities were to her left) Betty heard what sounded like many voices blending into one booming voice!

I hear somebody speaking in a loud voice [she said to the investigators].

Now she hesitated and repeated what she heard: ‘You have seen, and you have heard. Do you understand?’

They called my name [she said], and repeated it again in a louder voice. I said, ‘No, I don’t understand what this is all about, why I’m even here.’ And they — whatever it was — said that ‘I have chosen you.’

‘For what have you chosen me?’ Betty asked the voice.

‘I have chosen you to show the world.’

‘Are you God?’ Betty asked with wonder in her voice. ‘Are you the Lord God?’

‘I shall show you as your time goes by’ was the equivocal reply.

Looks of puzzlement and concern passed around the investigators... At this juncture, a religious connotation caused great consternation among us. It seemed completely out of place. Meanwhile in the office, Betty continued to converse with the voice.

‘Are you my Lord Jesus? I would recognize my Lord Jesus.’ Oh it says — ‘I love you. God is love, and I love you,’ they said or whatever it was...

‘Why won’t you tell me why [she was brought there] and what for?’

‘The time is not yet. It shall come. That which you have faith in, that which you trust.’

Betty defensively proclaimed her Christian faith... the voice answered. ‘We know child, that you do. That is why you have been chosen. I am sending you back now. Fear not... It is your fear that you draw to your body, that causes you to feel these things. I can release you, but you must release yourself of that fear through my son.’ (Emphasis in original.)[2]

Those three final words triggered an intensely emotional religious experience for Betty as she relived them. But the whole episode deeply puzzled the investigators. They uneasily speculated that the experience might be a “compensatory dream” that Betty generated to make sense out her abduction. More likely it was one provided by her captors.

Perhaps significantly, Betty had first thought her strange visitors were angels. It would seem that they deliberately played up to that belief. The voice did state it was the parent of Jesus therefore implying it was God. Was it lying? Was this part of a grand deception that has been perpetrated on humanity from time immemorial? Or could it be true?

So as UFOs take on a devilish cast among certain Christian groups, they also do in certain segments of the UFO community. While there are those who still think of aliens as benevolently as the contactees of the 1950s did, including some abductees, many others involved with abduction phenomena think differently. After all, the Greys, according to this evolving UFO mythos, are using their unstoppable mental powers to fool around with abductees’ private parts and are said to be untrustworthy by some. They may even be biological robots or some sort of slave race, fronting for their even more sinister reputed masters, the shadowy Reptoids.

Once again, evil is intertwined with serpents. One can only wonder if human belief-systems are being projected onto a blank alien screen, or if the aliens are the source of those beliefs to begin with.

A mass sighting over Nuremburg, 1561

The great psychologist C. G. Jung studied both modern reports and mass sightings that had happened in earlier times.

Jung soon realized that whatever the reality of the phenomenon, it provided a great opportunity for the projection of unconscious psychic forces. Not only were human fears of atomic destruction engendered by the Cold War being projected onto flying saucers as if on a blank movie screen as fears of invasion from outer space. Through dreams and artwork of UFOs, he saw that these enigmatic apparitions with their insect-like behavior also served as “symbols of the union of opposites,” carriers of hope that could transcend the potentially deadly divorce sundering East from West. Perhaps at Fatima it did.

“It boils down to this,” he wrote, “that either psychic projections throw back a radar echo, or else the appearance of real objects affords an opportunity for mythological projections.”[3] Unfortunately, he never felt confident enough in his understanding to make any firm conclusions beyond that. Other intellectuals, however, have not been so reticent, though just as reluctant.

One who is not is Dr. Richard Boylan, a clinical psychologist and behavioral scientist who sees the ETs as benign, spiritual beings, here to help with our evolution. He has even written on the subject of extraterrestrial theology, which paints a reassuring picture of aliens, more advanced than we are in some areas, perhaps, but still believing in “God” and not claiming to be gods themselves. However, another scholar takes an opposite and altogether more disturbing view.

The professor and the abductees

Prof. David M. Jacobs of Temple University is an academic historian who has become deeply involved in abduction research. He has written two books based on what he has learned from working with abductees under hypnotic regression, and his conclusions are anything but comforting — even, as he admits, to himself.

In the first, Secret Life: Firsthand Accounts of UFO Abductions (1992), he pieces together the typical abduction scenario from his informants from start to finish, including the sexual exams and their interactions with alien-human hybrid babies. He then systematically whittles away at possible alternative causes for the stories — everything from fabrication to Multiple Personality Disorder to the influence of science fiction. His sobering conclusion is that “We have been invaded. It is not an occupation but it is an invasion. At present we can do little or nothing to stop it.”[4, emphasis added]

His next book, The Threat (1998)[5], is even more disquieting. In it, he claims to have solved the mystery of the aliens’ agenda and admits that he is frightened by it. And no wonder, for the story Jacobs’ puts together is scarier than any X-Files episode. He details the alien breeding program, claiming, “integration into human society is the aliens’ ultimate goal. And all their efforts appear to be geared toward complete control of the humans on Earth.”

Jacobs continues, “The aliens have suggested that the time is not far off when their programs will end and they will have achieved their goal. Many abductees feel that ‘something is going to happen soon’ and that the aliens have their goal within sight.”[emphasis added]

“It is disturbing that the aliens and hybrids are primarily concerned with the Earth and not with human beings.” The implication is of a better world for the aliens, the hybrids and the abductees — but not the rest of the human race who are expendable, only some of who may be spared as a “small breeding population” for backup human genes.

Many abductees, he says, are being prepared for their future role, even trained to operate equipment. They recount being shown visions of mass destruction, environmental catastrophes, even the destruction of Earth itself. And the aliens suggest that they themselves can avert it, with the breeding program. After “the Change” there will again be peace and contentment brought by the aliens and their abductee helpers taking over the planet; truly a New World Order if ever there was one.

One cannot help but notice the similarity in this to Christian apocalyptic traditions about the Last Judgment and the Second Coming of Christ. Jacobs does too, but dismisses it, as “the evidence does not warrant this link.” Probably not to the aliens and their inhuman agenda, but what about the abductees? Surely they can only regard the upcoming Change in the terms of the Judeo-Christian culture they were raised in.

Is it not possible that these apocalyptic beliefs in the End Times are themselves distorted echoes of the aliens’ ultimate intention? If Jesus was a hybrid, or even an extraterrestrial emissary from another, possibly rival, race, he might have known of their apocalyptic plans all along.

Thus, even if the aliens are not demons, they might still be unthinkably diabolical according to all we hold dear. Unfortunately, they discovered us rather than the other way around. We can no more ignore their fleets of saucers than the Japanese could ignore the US Navy “black fleet” cruising off their coasts when our president sent it to open contact. That encounter, it should be noted, though largely peaceful, had some very unfortunate long-term consequences. It caused the collapse of the shogun’s government, the rise of virulent nationalism as Japan desperately sought to match the West, and led directly to the mushroom clouds over Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Whatever the aliens’ intent, however, interaction with them on their terms is a threat to human pride and achievement, and to all the institutions humans have built — including, of course, religions.


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