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Messengers from Heaven

Extraterrestrials, the Church, and the Fate of Humanity

Part IV: New Heaven, New Earth

The Church’s role in the Roswell cover-up is the most likely source for its new attitude — and humanity’s hope

The authors of the newly-disclosed Majestic 12 documents clearly realized the dangers even peaceful contact with extraterrestrials would bring. These documents show that the brain trust was mindful of the destructive impact contact would almost certainly have on religion. In Part IV: Political Considerations in the White Hot Report, for instance, among the hazardous effects of contact on the status quo, there is this:

History and religion in the political context would probably suffer the most damage causing unprecedented upheaval in social and psychological well-being. [Emphasis added.]

The cardinal and the secret committee

But Majestic apparently went beyond speculation, and enlisted the Church to actively aid its cause. In Annex B, point 15, on page 11 of the Majestic Twelve Project 1st Annual Report there is this entry:

At the request of Panel member, Cardinal Francis Spellman met with the President to discuss the containment within the Catholic Church and its hierarchy of religious speculation if mass sightings occur. Such containment was successful during the 1947 sightings when Cardinal Spellman met with the Secretary of War on 29 June. The President has been briefed on Defense Plan 4P, which was written in part by the Panel member. [Emphasis added.]

It would be fascinating to see if records could be found of a meeting between Spellman and Secretary Forrestal on this date. The “Panel member” was undoubtedly not Spellman, who is described nowhere as such. Rather it was most likely “Major General Luther D. Miller, Chief of Chaplains, United States Army” listed at the beginning of the report.

It is significant that a chaplain was given such prominence in this super-secret military endeavor, especially to the point of actually taking a hand in formulating policy and briefing the President on it.

Note also that what the government was interested in was “the political context” and “containment” — in other words, the institutional Church as an instrument of social control. So, not surprisingly, the Catholic Church is involved in this cover-up as well. With its immense interest in maintaining the status quo and its long tradition of secrecy, the Roman Church could be trusted to help keep the lid on.

(This might not be the first time the US government let the Vatican in on a top secret. The late author and Jesuit insider Malachi Martin in his massive novel Vatican has an American bishop — Los Angeles bishop James McIntyre — as an invited guest on the pontiff’s behalf to witness the first atomic bomb blast at Trinity Site in 1945. Of course, this could be dramatic license, but maybe not. Martin was privy to many secrets of the Holy See and often chose fiction as a safe way to disclose them.)

In any event, as a cardinal sworn to protect the secrets of the Church above all else, Spellman would have undoubtedly informed his personal friend and superior, Pope Pius XII, forthwith. As liaison between Washington and Rome, a better choice than Spellman could not have been found. Charles R. Morris, in his book, American Catholic (1997), describes him thus:

No American churchman, except possibly Billy Graham, was so prominent. Spellman was close, or rumored to be close, which served as well, to Franklin Roosevelt, Joe Kennedy, John Foster Dulles, Richard Nixon, J. Edgar Hoover, and almost all important union leaders. His visits to troops abroad, both during World War II and the Korean War, were rivaled for media attention only by Bob Hope’s. Politicians of all parties competed for invitations to his annual Al Smith dinners. He was by far the largest single source of worldwide Vatican revenue. [p. 219. Emphasis added.]

McCarthy and Card. SpellmanCardinal Francis Spellman (far right) introduces a waving Sen. Joseph McCarthy (far left) to 6,000 cheering New York city cops

Spellman was a good buddy of Pius XII and a consummate Vatican insider, and thus could easily bridge the gap between the Roman and American elites. He later became a firm supporter of Commie-hunter and demagogue, Senator Joe McCarthy, and remained a power-broker through Vatican II. Only he or possibly his rival, Bishop Fulton J. Sheen, would have had the clout to make sure that the “containment” of speculation about flying saucers would be successful in the American Catholic community as it has to this very day.

Interestingly enough, one of the new documents describes a trip Spellman took through the bases of New Mexico, “in his capacity as Military Vicar of the Armed Forces” authorized by General Eisenhower. This document is dated “June 30, 1947” — just a few days before the Roswell crash. Equally intriguing is that Spellman was to have “Priority Class 1 air transportation”. Eisenhower wanted assurance that Spellman would have “complete security at all times and that his presence at any air field will not be disclosed as his flight schedule is considered classified by order of AC/AS General Vandenberg.” [Emphasis added.]

Visits by clergy to military bases, it stands to reason, were usually done to improve morale, and should therefore be accompanied by lots of publicity, maybe even a newsreel spot. Why then, during peacetime, would the visit of a high-ranking chaplain to any military base in the US be kept secret, especially by someone who loved to play to the media? Why would a chaplain, no matter how exalted, require special security and travel arrangements ordered by a person no less than the commander of the Army? Could it be that even before Roswell, enough close encounters and strange events had rattled the troops? Or had there been a previous crash?

Close encounters with clergy

Once a secure liaison had been achieved, a “Vatican MJ-12” group — a small informal committee of scholars and theologians such as Msgr. Balducci — would likely be set up to quietly work out the tremendous implications of this discovery. It would communicate unofficially but closely with Majestic and its counterparts in other Western governments. Claims to the contrary should no more be trusted than the denials of the US government and for much the same reasons.

Later popes would also most assuredly have been briefed. Perhaps the knowledge helped spur Pope John XXIII to call the Second Vatican Council in a desperate bid to modernize the Church before it was too late.

There is more. An article at Robert M. Collins’ interesting website, A brief tale from the “Sanctuary of The Birds” claims the aliens provided a rumored “Yellow Book” to the government. It is said to claim that the extraterrestrials recorded the Crucifixion and other Biblical events, even leaving an “observer” here 2000 years ago — but that this being was not Christ. (Then who was it? Jesus’ near-contemporary wonder-worker, Apollonius of Tyana, perhaps? And why should the aliens seemingly care about our Bible or a human savior? More deceptions?)

The “Yellow Book” page also says this:

John Paul II and the Vatican were reportedly given a full briefing on our ‘Alien’ subject by the Reagan administration. It has been reported that members of the Vatican have attended ‘Alien’ landing and contacts at a designated safe site within Area 51 during the years 92, 94, 96, 97 and 98. [Emphasis added.]

It is not surprising that Reagan, who worked closely with the Polish pope to bring down Communism, would have entrusted these secrets to John Paul II. It is interesting to note, however, that if this is true, cooperation between Majestic and the Vatican has apparently increased since then, under both Bushes and Clinton.

But which “Alien” group is being contacted? The EBENs, the perfidious Greys, or the noble Nordics? Are they allies or are they enemies? Is the “war in Heaven” Revelations speaks of still continuing?

Jesuitical eyes on the skies

The Vatican, of course, is not without its own investigative resources. Along with whatever reports might be sent to Rome from around the planet, the Holy See has its own corps of celestial watchers — the Vatican Observatory. In 1993, the Vatican Observatory joined with several universities to build a state-of the-art telescope atop Mount Graham, a mountain in Arizona sacred to the Apaches, home of an endangered species of red squirrel, despite lawsuits and protests by Native Americans and environmentalists. The Vatican Observatory denies that it’s there looking for “a sign from above” or that it plays a “watchdog” role in astronomy, but admits to “an apologetic purpose, in the sense of defending the Catholic Church’s positive regard for science.”

A positive regard for science? Galileo surely would have something interesting to say about that — and so would Pope Pius IX, whose Syllabus of Errors condemned any notion that the dogmas of the Church “are indiscriminately the object of natural philosophy or science.” In other words, faith must not be judged by reason. Whenever religion and science conflict, religion must always prevail.

Jesuit astronomy has always obeyed this dictum to use science serve the interests of the Catholic Church. Even while not being permitted to believe that the Earth moves around the Sun, Jesuits reformed both the Julian calendar for Pope Gregory XIII — giving us the Gregorian calendar used globally today — and in an ultimately futile bid to gain a foothold in Asia, the one used by the Chinese emperor as well.

There has already been a flap on the Internet about a supposed cover-up by the Vatican Observatory of a mysterious “companion” to Comet Hale-Bopp called “Wormwood”. While almost certainly a hoax, the whole episode shows that suspicions about the Church’s interest in astronomy still exist. Perhaps they are entirely groundless.

But then why did the Church need a new observatory so badly that they fought ecologists and Indians alike for the mountain? Does the calendar need rechecking that desperately or is there another reason? Just what are they looking for, anyway; advance warning of Jesus’ return? If not that, then what? Signs of galactic warfare?

The blessing of Roswell

Mass sighting in Basel, Switzerland, 1566

In any event, in order to deal with these celestial powers, it is all-important that the human race knows what it is dealing with. If the aliens come as omnipotent gods or invincible devils — or even if we think they are such — we have no choice. We become either slaves or victims.

We may be enslaved, bred, or harvested in any case, when “the Day” comes; but opening the paradigm creates possibilities beyond either total submission or hopeless resistance. It may then be possible to relate to these uninvited guests on a slightly more equitable or at least flexible footing.

This is why the Catholic Church’s new thought that there may be fellow “children of God” out there is so important. It is probably the knowledge of the Roswell Incident that has so emboldened them. Perhaps it will help prevent the hierarchy from making the kind of mistake Montezuma’s priests did. If the Church extends the the blessings of the Gospel to non-humans, it is to be hoped that they extend the Biblical warnings about false prophets and messiahs to them also.

If indeed, extraterrestrials did crash at Roswell, the most significant fact is that utterly basic one of a wrecked ship and bodies in the desert. That in and of itself is our uninvited visitors’ greatest gift to us, far beyond whatever technology was retrieved from the debris, beyond even the knowledge that we are not alone in the cosmos.

Ironically, that disaster for a small group of voyagers may prove to be the salvation of the human race. For a crash proves that these aliens, at least, are neither gods nor devils, but mere living beings like ourselves, as fallible as we are, and above all, mortal too. “Lower” than pure, bodiless spirits, they can make fatal mistakes just like us. Can they also lie and cheat and sin? Perhaps they need salvation too.

Most importantly, Roswell shows that the extraterrestrials are vulnerable; they can die, and therefore they can be killed as well.

At this singular point in history, as we anxiously watch the skies for the next act in this cosmic drama to begin, it may well be that knowledge of the mighty aliens’ mortality is the only reassurance we puny humans have.

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