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The Magic of the Moon

The Occult Significance of the Apollo Landings

What if the Moon is already occupied?

Part 3: Unclaimed Territory
and the Alien Presence

Though Old Glory was planted upon the Moon, the United States did not claim our natural satellite for itself, and took deliberate pains to make sure it did not appear like it was. (Buzz watched the flag fall over, as a matter of fact, during lift-off.) But why was the Moon not claimed, in defiance of all the great land-grabbing traditions of our homeworld and nation? Especially as supposedly a big part of the reason for going in the first place was to prevent our Communist rivals from doing so? There was the UN’s Outer Space Treaty that forbad such imperialistic adventures, but was that the only reason? Or was there an alien influence behind that as well?

Space Beings and the Space Race

It is at this point, I believe, where the real influence of the mysteries of Majestic and the Space Race converge. Among the many Majestic 12 documents that have been brought forward is one that was supposedly written jointly by Albert Einstein and Robert Oppenheimer. The “Father of Relativity” and the “Father of the Atomic Bomb” apparently came together in that fateful summer of 1947 to birth a report called Relationships with the Inhabitants of Celestrial Bodies.

This document, supposedly drafted shortly before Roswell, examined the legal and diplomatic implications of extraterrestrial contact. If authentic, it demonstrates that the government was already worried about the strange portents in the sky, even before the first “flying saucer” sighting of modern times.

This is what it says about what would happen if the aliens came to stay:

If they consider our culture to be devoid of political unity, they would have the right to colonize. Of course, this colonization cannot be conducted on classic lines.

A superior form of colonizing will have to be conceived, that could be a kind of tutelage, possibly through the tacit approval of the United Nations. [Emphasis added.]

In other words, given that the overall state of disunity on the Earth resembles that in the Americas at the time, the aliens would have as much “right” to colonize our planet as the Europeans did the “New World”. It seems like sheer optimism, however, that such colonization would be as benign as “tutelage”.

They go on to discuss what changes would have to be made in the UN in that eventuality, for the United Nations is not a “supra-national organization” that could deal with the problem on a planetary scale. In other words, a New World Order would have to be created.

The document goes on to discuss options if an extraterrestrial power should choose to colonize another body in the solar system.

The idea of exploitation by one celestrial [sic] state would be rejected, they may think it to would be advisable to grant it to all others capable of reaching another celestrial [sic] body. But this would be to maintain a situation of privilege for these states.

Does this mean that an alien starfaring race might only recognize a species with space travel capabilities as being intelligent also? The possibility, especially within the context of the Cold War, would be yet another powerful inducement for the Space Race, with a real prize at the end. The first nation to get to the Moon might be the one most favored by the aliens.

In any case, the Report then considers dividing up celestial bodies, which would lead to problems of distribution or establishing “indivisible co-sovereignty” which would lead to anarchy and conflict. It then says:

A moral entity? The most feasible solution it would seem would be this one, submit an agreement providing for the peaceful absorbtion of a celestrial [sic] race(s) in such a manner that our culture would remain intact with guarantees that their presence not be revealed...[Emphasis added.]

Thus, even before Roswell, the seeds of the cover-up involving not just our own governments but the active co-operation of the alien powers were sown. Not only that, but a policy of secret colonization was foreseen, exactly what Prof. David M. Jacobs and other abduction researchers fear may be happening.

Einstein and Oppenheimer hoped for a “peaceful absorption” of our new neighbors, possibly through an international treaty. But they had this to say about alien occupation of previously uninhabited worlds:

Res nullius is something that belongs to nobody such as the moon. In international law a celestrial [sic] body is not subject to the sovereignty of any state is considered res nullius. If it could be established that a celestrial [sic] body within our solar system such as our moon was, or is occupied by another celestrial race, there could be no claim of res nullius by any state on earth (if that state should decide to in the future to send explorers to lay claim to it). It would exist as res communis, that is that all celestrial [sic] states have the same rights over it. [Emphasis added.]

In short, the US, the Soviet Union, or any other human state on Earth could not claim the Moon as their exclusive property — because it was already occupied by extraterrestrials.

The aliens, on the other hand, may very well have claimed our Moon to be exclusively theirs. It has been rumored, after all, that several saucers landed next to the Eagle at Tranquility Base, and that no one has gone back because we were warned not to return.

Spy satellites

Since the heady days of Apollo, there has been little exploratory activity of the Moon. Significantly, the first American lunar probe launched since then was not sent so much by NASA but by the Pentagon. In fact, Clementine was under the aegis of the Ballistic Missile Defense Organization — that’s right, the “Star Wars” program! This probe, which provided the first indication that there might be ice at the lunar South Pole, later mysteriously “disappeared” after scanning the Moon on its way to an asteroid, just like the Mars Observer would years later. Lost in space, destroyed by aliens, or on a secret mission?

It was followed to the Moon by the Lunar Prospector, whose instruments were designed to map lunar gravitational and magnetic fields, to detect water and, interestingly enough, elements like uranium and thorium. It finally was intentionally crashed into the Moon to see if it could raise a cloud of water vapor. There was no sign of impact. Could it have been shot down or otherwise intercepted?

Lunar Prospector also carried some ashes of the great lunar geologist, Eugene Shoemaker, the first human to have his remains interred on another world. This brought a protest from various American Indian tribes over its desecration, showing that the Moon is still considered sacred by many.

Thus, the mysteries of the Moon endure.

The true legacy of Apollo

In any event, when the twentieth century is examined from some distance down the road, it may well be that the most memorable events in an era of world-changing events will be associated with two words: “Roswell” and “Apollo.” Surely they will be seen as the most mythic, in the sense of having implications beyond mundane history, as the effects of the crash of an alien spacecraft on this world, and the landing of men on another, interweave in ways that are completely unforeseeable to us now.

One giant leapHowever much the human race will be overawed by the incomprehensible technology of the aliens when and if they open contact with us, the “glory of Apollo” will still be ours forever. Even if some electronic technology was derived from extraterrestrial sources, the Apollo Program was a totally human enterprise. The Moon landings were made possible by men and women working with human tools, sweat, intellect, and ambition against highly formidable odds.

Whatever the aliens bring us, this will always remain — that we took our first steps into the cosmos on our own. We now belong Out There by dint of our own efforts as much as any other race, thanks to Apollo. In the ages to come, as Einstein and Oppenheimer may have speculated, that might just make all the difference in our relations with the extraterrestrials.

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