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and the End of History

Why the cover-up of extraterrestrial visitation? Could there be a more valid reason than fear and greed among the powers that be? Has popular entertainment been used to prepare us?

A bold recent effort to try to pry open the Stygian blackness that surrounds the UFO mystery has not been much more successful than previous attempts. Yet The Disclosure Project, headed by Dr. Steven M. Greer, has assembled an impressive array of the testimonies of hundreds of military and government witnesses, many former insiders. Many of these have been assembled into a thick book, Disclosure: Military and Government Witnesses Reveal the Greatest Secrets in Modern History. And for once, such a subtitle does not exaggerate overmuch.

The volume is thick — nearly 600 pages — but utterly fascinating. It has a great deal of invaluable insider information. There are many intriguing quotes on the UFO subject by world leaders, and testimony on some well-known cases like the Japan Airlines sighting over Alaska, the F-14 attempted shoot-down of a UFO over Iran, and the famous Bentwaters encounter, which confirm they really happened.

More importantly, there is detailed, disturbing information on the cover-up and the shadowy institutions that run it. Covert UFO-related projects are all top-secret unacknowledged special access programs. Admission and initiation into this secret world is rewarded on a “need-to-know” as its priesthood itself defines it.

Much testimony comes from people who were insiders but not deep insiders, who just happened to be at the wrong place at the right time, and saw photos, films, technical blueprints, documents, overheard secret communications from astronauts or even beheld actual craft. The most telling stories come from a few persons like Master Sgt. Dan Morris, who might have been actual Men in Black themselves, and they read like a mind-bending hybrid of The X-Files and Star Trek.

I strongly urge anyone interested to purchase a copy — there’s no telling how long this stuff will be out there, and Dr. Greer surely needs the support. You can buy the book, videos and other materials through his site, or through

Whether his effort will bear any real fruit only time will tell. It was cursed by bad timing, as 9-11 will surely wrap the cloak of military secrecy in the holy name of National Security even more tightly for the indefinite future. (Though on the other hand, since it is war, the military may be willing to use even the more exotic tools in the box.)

In any event, the revelations are truly incredible. Though coming from different witnesses who do not know other and were involved at different times, the bulk of the testimony fits together — with each other, and other leaks, such as the Majestic Twelve documents.

Yet as much as I favor these revelations, I find myself wondering about his agenda, and what the witnesses don’t say.

Some highlights of the Disclosure testimonies

  1. The alien visitors have been here a long time already, with underground and undersea bases. One witness even indicates they’ve had secret bases here since “before Columbus”.
  2. Most UFOs are extraterrestrial craft; although some are human-built (some are called “ARVs” — Alien Reproduction Vehicles) and have been around for decades.
  3. Extraterrestrials have taken a keen interest in our military preparations, particularly nuclear. They have turned off missile silos, interfered with rocket launches, and even disabled a 100 megaton bomb launched at the Moon.
  4. There are occupied bases on the Moon and Mars. Some may be staffed by humans, others not. Astronauts have spotted lunar bases.
  5. NASA is deeply involved in the cover-up. One reason it seems to have lost its vision and had its budget continually eroded is that it is largely now merely a public relations outfit. Why risk a dangerous rocket that will take years to cross the Solar System when one can zip there so much more quickly and safely in a saucer?
  6. The so-called “Roswell Incident in 1947 was indeed a flying saucer crash, but not the first one. There was also a crash associated with the so-called “Battle of Los Angeles” in February, 1942. (The Majestic documents also intimate an even earlier crash, in Missouri, 1941, which somehow inspired the Manhattan Project.) The government knew UFOs were alien craft at least since then, and possibly even since the 19th century. The Nazis seem to have recovered at least one as well and had built their own saucers, too, at least one of which the US took possession of after World War II.
  7. These crashes, particularly Roswell, caused a huge military-based secret project to study them, back-engineer their technology, and seek defenses against them. This project is even bigger, more expensive and secret than the Manhattan Project which created the atomic bomb.
  8. There may have been at least one survivor from the Roswell crash. In any case, contact has been achieved with at least one group of extraterrestrials, possibly several. It is thought there may have been a secret treaty with at least one.
  9. In any case, individual aliens have assisted with some back-engineering programs, as either official advisors or imprisoned castaways.
  10. Since the 1950s, many of these programs have ultimately been successful, not only in creating the ARVs, but also the free energy technology that powers them — and weapons.
  11. “Star Wars” and other space-based defense systems are a plot to take over the Earth, according to a woman who knew Dr. Werner Von Braun as he was dying, . The cover story was to evolve from defending the US against first the Russians, then from rogue states and terrorists, then asteroids, and then finally from extraterrestrials. (If so, it seems right on schedule.)
  12. UFOs have been successfully attacked, at least twice in the 1990s, and possibly before. (The late Col. Corso said that the first one was shot down over Ramstein in then-West Germany in 1974. And those extremely high-powered radars around Roswell may have been somehow involved the crash there. Could that be the reason for the intense interest in EM weapons?)
  13. Yet, at least since the Eisenhower administration, the US government has gradually lost control of these secret projects. Presidents and other leaders have been deliberately kept ignorant. Now all UFO operations are controlled by a nameless, faceless, quasi-governmental, quasi-private, military-industrial elite or cabal. Possibly as few as a mere hundred or less people know its real extent.
  14. There is a secret “Academy” or school of some kind, whereby some initiates into the UFO Cabal are trained, as well as several locations where alien technology and remains are kept. Training at this Academy is said to unpleasantly change one’s personality. While some of these places are where the most secret R&D takes place, others seem to be displays for those political leaders and others who are brought into the secret.
  15. This global conspiracy (for that is what it is) or Cabal has been busily suppressing evidence all along. It has international co-operation from many nations and incredible, unchecked power. The Cabal is now literally above the law. An unknown, but possibly huge, number of witnesses have been intimidated, threatened, bribed, or possibly even murdered.
  16. This Cabal has suppressed antigravity technologies, all manner of free-energy generators, and even advanced internal cumbustion designs not only in the US, but also abroad.

The Cabal

Dr. Greer goes to great lengths to explain why he and others are speaking out now, and what they hope to accomplish. Basically, they share a vision of a New World Order powered by alien-derived technologies. In this ideal world, poverty and pollution are eliminated. Without the need for war, or even oil, and with the ability to apply these amazing new powers for peace, it would be a much more secure, egalitarian, and happy place for all Earthlings. Disclosure is necessary to save the planet, and restore the political balance that the existance and power of the Cabal has warped and corrupted.

Not even the tragedy of 9/11 deters this vision, but in his analysis, makes it even more necessary for the Earth’s survival.

He has a step-by-step plan to let the secrets come out involving Congressional hearings, witness protection, and a general amnesty for those involved in the cover-up (which will indeed be necessary), among other things. Yet his main purpose seems to be to prevent the weaponization of space, for fear of starting an interstellar war, since the Cabal now has the power to shoot alien saucers down.

Dr. Greer and his witnesses are unapologetic “doves” — they strongly believe that the extraterrestrials are not hostile. Many of them state this openly in their testimony, rationalizing that if the aliens wanted to kick our butts, they surely could. Ominously, he dismisses abductions and mutilations as something done by the Cabal, but he gives no reasons why, and none of his witnesses mention these phenomena in any way.

But clearly, if aliens are sneaking around in the dead of night, molesting our people and rustling our cattle, they are not our friends. Not by any stretch of the imagination, and not for any cool trinkets they may bribe our leaders with.

So what’s going on here? It may be that the Cabal itself no longer knows. Perhaps it is divided into factions, “hawks” and “doves”, and the peacenik side is protecting Greer. Perhaps this is all part of a “gradual release” plan. Disclosure gives few clues.

But the cover-up cannot continue forever, and the Cabal must surely realize that. The aliens can end it at any moment they choose, and there is absolutely nothing anyone can to prevent it. The MJ-12 documents do contain references to contigency plans in the case of mass sightings, the most likely way the aliens might announce their presence. That, however, is merely reactive.

Alien visions

Howdy, neighbor!In any case, by now the image of the alien has completely permeated modern culture. Big-eyed Greys seem everywhere now, instantly understood as icons of all things extraterrestrial, and saucers have become the stuff of advertising. If that was the Cabal’s plan, it has succeeded fabulously. One can only wonder at what yet remains to be done to prepare us for the first (acknowledged) contact. Especially considering that they don't even want us to know about life on Mars...

This is especially sobering. Is there danger ahead — invasion by colonizing slavers, bug-eyed and tentacled rapists, or slavering gourmet chefs? If the human race is but cattle, there may be compelling reasons our hidden masters are not telling us. Given the wheels-within-wheels structure of the Cabal, who outside can guess what horrible secret ultimately lurks at its innermost heart? Alien monsters or “merely” mind-shattering powerlessness?

Or could human betrayal, a major theme of The X-files, be the secret at the dark heart of this mystery? Given the greed that seems to be characteristic of the Cabal, and especially their grip on the energy systems of this planet, it is appropriate to wonder if in fact the plutocrats have sold out to powers as dark as anything Tolkien or Milton could conceive of.

For there is a profound spiritual dimension to the alien enigma, one that no human religious institution can be prepared to deal with, because its extent is unknown. If the connections between an alien species and human origins are as intimate as people such as Zechariah Sitchin suspect, the Day of the Landing may also be the Day the Gods return.

Anyway, it’s a big, big galaxy Out There. Even in our own stellar backwater, there may well be more than one species or ambitious imperial power. Some may be unremittingly hostile, some may be totally indifferent, some may even be related to us. Everything depends what kind of local interstellar neighborhood Earth is stuck in, whether our closest neighbors are Vulcans or Klingons, as it were, and what the local history is.

Some level of disclosure would be certainly beneficial both for all the arguments Dr. Greer put forward, and even for the more paranoid view. If the human race is going to have to deal with these beings, we will need the best and the brightest. There are many of those whom the Cabal could not recruit before, simply because of the perceived need of secrecy. But the world needs everybody we can get working on this overwhelming problem. Whether ET is friendly or sees us as lunch, does total secrecy at this stage serve the general good any longer?

Yet, if the secrecy is still maintained, then, in just whose interests is it and why?

The end of history

There are some truly alarming possibilities here. It is quite conceivable that the Cabal has sold the rest of Humanity out, and the Great Harvest, or Last Judgment, if you will, has already been scheduled. Or it could be just as likely that the continuing sightings, along with crop circles, are all part of the aliens’ very own gradual disclosure program. Just like in Close Encounters, our own religious texts teach that heavenly beings have ignored the elite in favor of the simple before.

All speculation, however, is just that since those who know are not yet telling. The rest of us look up at the heavens with fear and awe, not knowing what the strange signs above mean, even as our earliest ancestors did.

Whatever happens, however, the moment the alien presence is officially revealed or admitted, it’s all over. Regardless if it occurs by Presidential edict, mass sightings, or an irrefutable smoking-gun document, the acknowledgement that this planet is being visited by extraterrestrials means that at that moment human history as we have known it is through. Game over, kids. Everybody out of the pool.

For good or ill, our pleasant little reality will be ripped open like a ripe pomegranate and exposed to a far greater one. Science fiction will be but the first of many casualties that may ultimately include our religions and our history, maybe even our governments, if they can’t handle it better than they seem to have so far.

We will suddenly find ourselves in a strange new universe, large and living, where incomprehensible powers far greater than ourselves rule the heavens, just as it was thousands of years ago. It will be as if waking from a dream, a dream where we were all alone, but we do not know yet if we will wake to a nightmare or a sweet morn of hope.

If, as the abduction stories suggest, the aliens are already breeding our replacements, then truly it will be an Alien Apocalypse, and there is nothing we can do. In that case, the cover-up is a small mercy, like the withholding of information of doom from small children.

The Cabal may be powerless to help or hinder. Will it guide us through the birth-pangs into a brave new cosmos where we take our place among the stars or help place a yoke of alien slavery upon us? Does it have a choice?

Perhaps then it is no wonder that the secrets are still kept captive while they still can be. For whatever happens, whatever new horizons Humanity gains, we will have lost our childish illusions. No longer alone, but no longer quite so special. No more pretending we are the only favored children of God, no more denial that life is not just granted to us.

With knowledge will come responsibility. The human race may have to grow up in a hurry, and maybe even have to give up greed, fear, violence, and the domination of others. No wonder the Cabal is afraid, whether ET is benign or not.

Sure the kids will still need to be fed and mortgages paid, but the ruling elite must not be resting easily. Judging from the signs of the times, the sleepers are stirring, our fading dreams touched by the unknown reality that awaits us, even as they vanish in the growing light.

Is Humanity about to awaken, then, and if so, to what kind of alien dawn?


When paradigms linger beyond their time, the lies that sustain them and the social order that depends upon them become worse and worse. Here at the dawn of the third millennium, over half a century since the crash at Roswell, the lies have become almost totally unbelievable, yet the hysteria and denial grows worse and worse by the day. The cost in blood, tears, and wasted energy must and will finally become unsupportable. When the Big Lie shatters at last, there will be a kind of Judgment Day. . .

Yet that day is not today. And now it appears that NASA not only lies about the evidence for extraterrestrial life, but may be actively engaged in destroying it.

We should welcome the revelation of the larger neighborhood and our place in it, however humbling. At this point, however, our beloved leaders have been so steeped in deception that they should not be trusted, no matter what they might say.

If our civilization crumbles in the days after the Landing, so be it. The Cabal has nobody to blame but itself, its greed, and its fear for keeping the secrets for far, far too long

We are not alone

The past is but the beginning of a beginning,
and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.
H.G. Wells, The Discovery of the Future, 1901

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