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Tom Economus Photo Gallery

Here are a few photos of Tom doing what he did best — organizing, rallying, lecturing, and being a friend.

 Protest 1  Protest 2

 Tom leading the protest at the NCCB meeting in Washington, DC, 1996.

Tom presenting a service award to then-editor of the Missing Link (and now author of Sons of Perdition
Jay Nelson.
Taking a soda break between speeches.

 Tom at podium

Tom preaching to the choir.

 Tom at Sheila's memorial
A moment of levity at the podium during a memorial for the late Linkup Vice President Sheila MacDonald.

 Washington - banner

With Linkup Vice Presidents Marilyn Steffel and Nancy Briggs

His last public appearance at the Linkup Conference in Toronto, November, 2001 Tom in wheelchair


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Gleaners Chapel