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Timeline of the Sex Scandals

Pope Benedict XVI
and the Secret History

Before he ever became pontiff,
Joseph Ratzinger helped accidentally start the scandals.
He's already ended them, too.

Pope Palpatine
A Photo Gallery of Benedict XVI

Shocking as these statements may be, there is a clear chain of evidence that backs them up. Pope Benedict XVI, Joseph Ratzinger, bears a unique personal responsibility for the entire mess.

The Master MagicianMoreover, his responsibility has nothing at all to do with his current position as Supreme Pontiff. His actions forty years ago helped set the stage of the crisis in the first place. And it was his efforts to begin to undo the effects of those actions twenty years later that will inevitably cause the scandals to end.

Outrageous? Impossible? Crazy? Consider the following historical items and connect the dots yourself. It all hinges on the fact that the Inquisition (now called the "Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith" or CDF) has been running the coverup since the counter-Reformation – a fact that has recently been acknowledged by a leading expert, Fr. Tom Doyle.

Much more information on how the cover-up worked and why it failed is revealed — including a n explanded version of this timeline — may be found in in my book, Sons of Perdition.

Serious questions to consider that are raised by this information include:

A Brief Timeline

Before the Scandals

"No one expects the Spanish Inquisition!"

There were few clergy abuse scandals for hundreds of years simply because clergy sexual abuse was covered up at first by the Inquisition and later by the secret system it had created.

Vatican II...

The secret system was inadvertently broken during the Ecumenical Council. Though it happened as an unintended consequence of trying to protect progressive theologians, Joseph Ratzinger was undoubtedly largely responsible for this.

... and After

It took some time for the "secret system" to break down after Vatican II. It took just as long for Cardinal Ratzinger to fix it.

Note: more money, but fewer cases, and many more priests being reported to Rome. This is exactly what should be expected if the secret system is once more in place. And Joseph Ratzinger, who helped accidentally dislodge it, is the one largely responsible for doing so.

One can only shudder at what he may accomplish as pope.

The Roman Catholic Church, it seems, is quietly once again dispensing its "justice" privately, unobserved and therefore unchecked and unbalanced. Once again, it asserts its clerical "privileges" – that is to say, private laws for the good of the clerical class, not the secular society. And certainly not for the boys and girls, women and men, who are have been or will be, its victims.

Is this at all tolerable in a modern democratic society that upholds one law for all people?

Pope Palpatine
A Photo Gallery of Benedict XVI


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