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Surviving the Fall of the Catholic Church

Welcome! Currently, I post to my own new blog, the Renegade Catholic Blog, which is a continuation of my old Abandoned_Altars blog.

But back before there were blogs, I wrote essays and posted them on my vaious websites. Some still have useful and interesting content, and I occasionally reference them in my current writings, and so they are posted here.

This site combines my archives of essays from and, and a few from, too.

Weirdload Article Archives Categories:

Priests of Darkness: Sex, sin, and satanism among Catholic clergy

Black Collar Crime: Perverted priests, beastly bishops, naughty nuns

Dark Rites: Ritualistic abuse and clerical deviltry

Roman Circus: History and hijinks of popes and cardinals

Survivor Issues: Of interest to clergy sex abuse victims and survivors

The Vault: Documents relating to the crisis

The Night Gallery: Unholy images and visionary art

Beyond the Veil: Visionary illuminations

Pope PalpatineScary Photos of Pope Benedict XVI

Weirdload: Strange thoughts for strange days

Astrotheology: Pre-apocalyptic spirituality, synchromysticism, and UFOs

Pop Cult: Third millenium culture, life, and laughs

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Popular Favorites

The Night Gallery

Night Gallery Images and Art Archive

I may not be the great artist I dreamed of becoming, but I still enjoy visually exploring metaphysical and symbolic themes, and of course, making fun of the pope .

Pope PalpatineBenedict XVI is one scary looking pope

The Mystic Tau Meditations on an ancient cosmic symbol

Priests of Darkness

Priests of Darkness Articles Archive

Sex, Sin, and Satanism in the Catholic Church
in History and Popular Culture

An extensive archive of articles and resources documenting various aspects of the Catholic Church, especially the clergy abuse crisis.

"Honi soit qui mal y pense"

Catholic Pedophile Priests
The Effect on US Society

The official report on child sexual abuse in the Roman Church in the US masks a lot of shame amid its statistics.

Timeline of the Sex Crisis
A 2,000 Year Cover-Up

A brief chronology showing how the crisis developed.

Holy Terror

One poor bastard then

Another poor bastard now

The Black Bequest of the Inquisition

The horror of Abu Ghraib is nothing new.

The Fallen Priests Film Festival
Movies about Compromised Clerics

A list of nearly 300 films about devil-dealing priests, erring evangelists, naughty nuns, bad bishops, and calculating cardinals. new

Comedy | Drama/Historical | Horror/Supernatural

The Passion and the Shroud

Is the Shroud really the burial cloth of Jesus? The mystery is even stranger than you may think.

The Murder of Sr. Margaret Ann Pahl
Clergy Ritual Abuse Illuminated

The trial of Fr. Gerald Robinson is finished, leaving unsettled allegations of underground satanic and other bizarre activities — including priests dressing as nuns.


Weirdload Articles Archive

Strange Thoughts for Strange Days

My first website, this features essays on subjects ranging from film to terrorism to UFOs.

Popular content:

The Right Stuff
A Dozen or so Interesting Facts About Apollo 11

Everybody thinks they know the whole story. Here are some odd things you might not have heard.

Middle-Earth = Oz?Power accessories

There are some very unexpected and interesting parallels between The Wizard of Oz and The Lord of the Rings.

Did Baum influence Tolkien?An evil reborn

Curse of the Assassins
The Roots of Islamic Terror

The history of the cult of the Assassins shows that the War on Terror will not be an easy win.

Part 1: The Prototype of Terror

Part 2: Assassins Among Us

Aliens in the Outlands
New Mexico and UFOs

Sgt. Lonnie Zamora, the sole witness to the Socorro Incident case, has died. But has it been solved at last?

Messengers from HeavenSpace Commander Jesus
Extraterrestrials, the Church, and the Fate of Humanity

Why does the Catholic Church now believe in the possibility of alien life? Could they been in contact already?

Part I: Extraterrestrial Demonology

Part II: Angels or Aliens?

Part III: Alien Apocalypse

Part IV: New Heaven, New Earth

Disclosure and the End of History

Once the secrets of the UFOs are finally revealed, what then?  

Science Fiction and the Alien Agenda

And how do sci-fi movies and TV fit into the process?


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