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Welcome! Nowadays, I post to my new blog at Gleaners Chapel, a successor to my old Renegade Catholic blog.

But back before there were blogs, I wrote essays and posted them on my various websites. Some still have possibly interesting, even useful content, and I occasionally reference them in my current writings, and so they are posted here.

This site combines my archives of essays from my former sites, and, and a few from the now-retired, too. Some selected material will be reposted with updates to the new site before these pages finally go to the great bit bin in the sky. I do apologize for the ancient format but the pristine content from the dawn of the web is what it is. Enjoy it while it lasts!

Archive Categories:

Priests of Darkness

Priests of Darkness: Sex, sin, and satanism among Catholic clergy

Black Collar Crime: Perverted priests, beastly bishops, naughty nuns

Dark Rites: Ritualistic abuse and clerical deviltry

Roman Circus: History and hijinks of popes and cardinals

Survivor Issues: Of interest to clergy sex abuse victims and survivors

The Vault: Documents relating to the crisis


The Night Gallery

The Night Gallery: Unholy images and visionary art

The Mystic Tau: Mysteries of T-shaped objects

Selected Works: Personal illuminations

Pope PalpatineA humorous gallery of photos of Pope Benedict XVI



Weirdload: Strange thoughts for strange days

Astrotheology: Pre-apocalyptic spirituality, synchromysticism, and UFOs

Pop Cult: Third millenium culture, life, and laughs


Again, I apologize for any bottlenecks, wonky navigation, dead links, and missing files. Please let me know if you run into any problems or have any comments. I wish you an informative and entertaining visit.

And for much more current weirdness, please visit Gleaners Chapel. Jay

and keep looking up,

Jay Nelson

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